Odile Dupas-Séon

About the Artist

Odile says, “My path through life has led me to the Corrèze and  more especially to an area near Pompadour where I have lived since 2007.

“The countryside and its natural life resonate with such intensity that no traveler crossing these lands can remain insensitive to them.

“I love the vibrancy of the country around me and find this a tremendous advantage for creativity:  the horses with their foals, the “cul noir” breed of pigs particular to the Limousin, and the magma rocks which are veined with a milky jade colour, mineralised, fused, buried for a while to be discovered along the banks of the Auvèzère and Vèzère rivers.

“Yet more resonance; allow it to stir within you; close your eyes to see better.

“The four elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water help me in my efforts to express and to convey the multitudes of feelings and visions which cross my mind all too fleetingly.  These concrete expressions reassure me of the reality of an ephemeral and so fragile a life.  They can also help the exorcism of certain dark shadows, the existence of which cannot be denied.

“Today, here, I’m Odile; the artist’s name – Laurile.”